Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mystic Rage Joins Thrash against Cancer!!

Mystic Rage!!!

Mystic Rage-An Opiate for the Masses
In an era of four and five piece bands trying to find the next big commercial sound Mystic Rage ignores this framework in order to produce music that is blind to trends or flavors. Years of interchangeable members have given the band a tougher skin and leaner machine. With a three-piece onslaught of heavy and evocative music, they prepare to take their art to the next level sonically. Peter Schaaphok, founding member and grand patriarch of the Mystic Family, leads the group through the shark infested waters of the music business while sustaining the band’s back beat with solid drum grooves. John Martin, the youngest and latest addition, menaces the stage with bass rumblings and major contributions to songs and their arrangements plus the superior ability for vocal harmonies in a harsh musical genre. Angel, long time slave to the Mystic Rage machine, continually reinvents himself knowing that a performance is more than just playing and the audience deserves outlandish eye-candy in conjunction with scraping soundscapes. Heavy music means more than grunting and screaming and Angel’s lead vocals combine haunting melodies with harsh guttural manipulations to give the audience a full range of emotion. As sole guitarist he ignores the self-indulgent meanderings of guitar solos and concentrates on song construction and arrangement. The band’s history is long and convoluted but one thing that has endured is Mystic Rage’s desire to give their fans, existing and prospective, a full package of entertaining, intelligent music that conveys passion, power and pain. Not wanting to be classified in any particular genre they strive to create not just heavy distorted music but also music infused with all their influences ranging from metal, punk, country, techno and industrial. The music is diverse, the performances are frantic and their dedication to their fans is incalculable. Mystic Rage will continue to reduce their obstacles to rubble in order to spread their art to the masses.


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