Monday, May 30, 2005

Laaz Rockit and Hirax Join Forces for Thrash Against Cancer

Recently reunited '80s Bay Area thrashers LAAZ ROCKIT have been added to the Thrash Against Cancer benefit, which will be headlined by TESTAMENT, on July 9 at The Pound SF outdoor amphitheatre in San Francisco, California. VICIOUS RUMORS and HIRAX will also take part in this historic gathering of Bay area musicians.

The proceeds from the show will aid in the financial recovery for families dealing with life-altering medical diagnosis. Among the families that will benefit from the concert are Keith and Brandy Regan, whose son, Cole Regan, was born with cancer (leukemia / AML) and survived up until three months short of his second birthday before passing away on July 28, 2004. The show will also help other families who have who have children with pediatric cancer and are in severe need of help. These families struggle on a daily basis to pay for medicine and co-pays, not to mention household bills and other expenses, to keep their hopes and futures at a functioning level while battling to keep their child alive.

Keith Regan is a longtime fan of thrash metal and approached TESTAMENT's vocalist Chuck Billy about the possibility of the band playing a benefit for his family and for other families who have children with pediatric cancer. Billy brought the Regans' request to the attention of Walter Morgan, the organizer of the Thrash of the Titans show, and the benefit began to take shape.

"I am so honored to have all these amazing bands from my past step up and play this show to aid my family," said Keith Regan. "The Bay Area has been my home all my life and to have this opportunity for fans to see this show in our home town is awesome."

Although HIRAX is from Los Angeles, the band considers the Bay area their second home. HIRAX has played there many times since 1984, sharing the stage with SLAYER, EXODUS, D.R.I., DARK ANGEL, and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, just to mention a few. These bands helped to create the thrash metal scene and were instrumental in the genre's worldwide popularity.

"HIRAX is honored to be a part of this benefit," said vocalist Katon W. De Pena. "When we were asked to play this show, we did not hesitate to join forces with our brothers and sisters from the Bay area. This benefit will prove that the heavy metal community cares about the fans more than anything."

HIRAX's 2004 recording, "The New Age Of Terror", will be released in the U.S. this summer on Deep Six Records, and singer Katon W. De Pena's label, Black Devil Records, will also release "Not Dead Yet", a CD consisting of the band 's first two classic records "Raging Violence" and "Hate, Fear And Power".

LAAZ ROCKET, formed in 1982, were a mainstay in the Bay Area thrash scene for nine years. Earlier this month, the original lineup reunited for the first time since 1991 to play two shows with TESTAMENT, including the prestigious Dynamo Festival in Holland. Their appearance at the Thrash Against Cancer benefit will be their first U.S. show in over 14 years.

"We're excited and honored to be a part of this show to help out such a worthy cause," said guitarist Aaron Jellum. "It will be interesting to see all the old friends and fans again from the Bay area."

Tickets for the Thrash Against Cancer benefit will go on sale Wednesday, June 1. The Pound amphitheater is located at 100 Cargo Way - Pier 96 (3rd St). This is an all-ages event (21 years old w/ID to drink). Tickets are $40.00 in advance and will be available at The Pound SF's box office (415-826-5009) and at Ticket Fusion. (Compliments of Blabbermouth)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Vicious Rumors Joins Testament and the Cause

The hard pounding sounds of the boys from the bay have agreed to join Testament and the cause on July 9th @ the Pound.

This is another great addition to the line up and allows another band who has been away from San Francisco home soil far too long to reclaim their dominance here once again. Vicious Rumors just recently had a DVD release called Crushing the World and is available now at: Vicious Rumors.

We are excited to bring in another Bay Area force and welcome back Geoff Thorpe from being away for the last 3 years. He and the rest of the guys are off to Italy for the Italian Tradate Iron Festival which takes place from June 1 – June 5!

Thank you,

Keith Regan

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mystic Rage Joins Thrash against Cancer!!

Mystic Rage!!!

Mystic Rage-An Opiate for the Masses
In an era of four and five piece bands trying to find the next big commercial sound Mystic Rage ignores this framework in order to produce music that is blind to trends or flavors. Years of interchangeable members have given the band a tougher skin and leaner machine. With a three-piece onslaught of heavy and evocative music, they prepare to take their art to the next level sonically. Peter Schaaphok, founding member and grand patriarch of the Mystic Family, leads the group through the shark infested waters of the music business while sustaining the band’s back beat with solid drum grooves. John Martin, the youngest and latest addition, menaces the stage with bass rumblings and major contributions to songs and their arrangements plus the superior ability for vocal harmonies in a harsh musical genre. Angel, long time slave to the Mystic Rage machine, continually reinvents himself knowing that a performance is more than just playing and the audience deserves outlandish eye-candy in conjunction with scraping soundscapes. Heavy music means more than grunting and screaming and Angel’s lead vocals combine haunting melodies with harsh guttural manipulations to give the audience a full range of emotion. As sole guitarist he ignores the self-indulgent meanderings of guitar solos and concentrates on song construction and arrangement. The band’s history is long and convoluted but one thing that has endured is Mystic Rage’s desire to give their fans, existing and prospective, a full package of entertaining, intelligent music that conveys passion, power and pain. Not wanting to be classified in any particular genre they strive to create not just heavy distorted music but also music infused with all their influences ranging from metal, punk, country, techno and industrial. The music is diverse, the performances are frantic and their dedication to their fans is incalculable. Mystic Rage will continue to reduce their obstacles to rubble in order to spread their art to the masses.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Thanks for checking in and being a part of the Thrash Against Cancer Show!

this is going to be an old school show with sun, BBQ, Beer and THRASH METAL!!

Chuck, Eric and the guys are in Europe right now on their 10 Days of May tour and i got word from one lucky fan who is quoted "OH they were stronger than ever before. Chuck's voice seems to get rawer by every gig hehe. They even played Raging Waters.. unfortunately no "Burnt Offerings". But, everyone went over the wall, into the pit, etc! The sound was pretty damn good too. Great show, certainly the best Testament show ever for me."

You must be there for this one; it may be their only West Coast show this year!!!